Leadership Shift at Petco: Ron Coughlin Steps Down as CEO


Petco, a leading pet retailer, announced a significant change in its leadership on Wednesday, as CEO Ron Coughlin decided to step down from his role. The company has named R. Michael Mohan, a seasoned Best Buy executive and a current board member of Petco, as the interim chief executive. This transition comes when Petco navigates a complex retail environment, striving to maintain its growth and adapt to changing market demands.

Ron Coughlin, who has been at the helm for five years, expressed his pride in the company’s achievements under his leadership, particularly highlighting the transformation into a business that prioritizes the health and wellness of pets. “Working with our amazing partners through a period of tremendous change and growth has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Coughlin remarked. His future role as an advisor to the board aims to support a smooth leadership transition.

R. Michael Mohan brings a wealth of experience from the retail sector, having served as the chief operating officer and president of Best Buy before joining Petco’s board in March 2021. His appointment is a strategic move to ensure continuity and operational excellence. “Mike’s highly successful track record across multiple segments of the retail industry, deep knowledge of Petco, and strong operational skills make him the ideal executive to ensure a seamless transition,” said Petco board member Cameron Breitner.

The leadership change coincided with Petco’s announcement of its fiscal fourth-quarter results, which aligned with market expectations. Despite facing a net loss, the company showcased a solid revenue increase to $1.67 billion, signaling resilient sales growth. However, challenges persist as the pet industry adjusts to a slowdown in demand post-pandemic boom, affecting high-margin product categories.

Under Coughlin’s guidance, Petco became a health and wellness company, emphasizing veterinary services and healthier product offerings. This shift has positioned Petco as a significant player in pet health care, an increasingly vital sector within the overall pet market. As Mohan takes the reins, he focuses on strengthening the business, enhancing operations, and improving customer experience to drive profitability and shareholder value.

Petco’s leadership transition marks a pivotal moment for the company as it seeks to navigate industry challenges and capitalize on its strong foundation in pet health and wellness. With a clear focus on operational excellence and customer satisfaction, Petco is poised to continue its growth trajectory under the interim guidance of R. Michael Mohan.